Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Salmon Creek Loop near Oakridge

We arrived in Oakridge late on Wednesday. It was a hot day. We heard that the high was near 3 digits. We took our time talking to the local bike shop and based on their recommendation, we settled into Arbor Inn. After unpacking, it was already after 7pm. We rigged our lights on our bikes and set out for the Salmon Creek Loop right from our room. This loop was in the guide book and information can also be found online. We started out going east on the north side of the creek, and it was a very smooth trail. After crossed the bridge, it was already almost dark, so we switched on the lights. The return leg was more technical and less traveled. I had not done much night riding if at all before, so it was doubly interesting. On the way back, we some how wound up at the fish hatchery and it was my first time seeing a, well, fish hatchery. It was clean and smelled fresh. The water was constantly circulating. I have always tried to avoid farmed fish, but I have to admit that the fish farm might not be as bad as I had imagined.

Salmon Creek in the dwindling light.

We stumbled on to the fish hatchery.